Strawberry Room

6 Weeks – 8 Months
6 Weeks – 8 Months

The Infant Program at CWLC is broken into two classrooms: Babies (Strawberries) and Creepers (Grapes). Breaking these two classes up ensures the safety of our bed babies and allows our older infants the freedom to toddle and explore as their development grows. Our infant program ensures that babies receive the personal one on one attention that they need to develop trust for the world around them. Infants are held, cuddled, talked to and sang to throughout the day. We work closely with parents to develop each infant's daily schedule. Flexibility with infants is key and our staff understands and appreciates this fact. Parents are kept informed of their child's activities through the Brightwheel app.

At Christian Wee Learn Center your baby will be assigned their own bed and will use that bed until they move up to the next class. Crib sheets are changed daily, and mattresses are cleaned daily. Shoes are not allowed in the Strawberry Room to help cut down on germs while the children are on the floor. Siblings are also discouraged from entering the room with their parents to help the spread of germs to our babies. All CWLC classrooms and all items in classrooms are sanitized daily by our Zono Sanitizing System.

What to bring

  • Diapers and Wipes
  • Bottles, Baby Food and/or Cereal
  • At least 3 changes of clothes (in season)
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