Grape Room

8 Months - 18 Months
8 Months - 18 Months

The Infant Room at Christian Wee Learn Center is broken into the two classrooms Infants (Strawberries) and Creepers (Grapes). Once your infant is sitting up or crawling they are moved to the Grape Room and they remain in this room until they can walk. At 13 months the children will begin sleeping in cots that are cleaned daily. No shoes or siblings are allowed in the Grape Room to help cut down on germs in the room. All Christian Wee Learn Center Rooms and all items in classroom are sanitized daily using our Zono Sanitizing System. We work closely with parents to for each child's schedules and daycare menus. CWLC menus are sent home monthly so parents may choose to circle any food items they wish their child to eat.

Each parent will receive daily updates on Brightwheel concerning their child including when and what they they ate, when and how long they took a nap, the time they went potty, their playtime and activities and what they learned throughout the day. This will often also include pictures and videos of your child as well.

What to bring

  • Diapers and Wipes
  • Bottles, Sippy Cup, Baby Food and/or Cereal
  • At least 3 changes of clothes (in season)
  • 2 blankets after turning 13 months of age
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