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Valentine's Day

Here are a few Valentine's Day craft ideas that can be used at home:

  • Heart Shapes: Cut out different sized heart shapes from construction paper and have the students practice sorting and classifying them by size.
  • Paper Weaving: Cut strips of construction paper and have the students weave them together to make a Valentine's Day card or decoration. This can be a fun way to practice fine motor skills and pattern recognition.
  • Heart Suncatchers: Cut out heart shapes from contact paper and have the students place tissue paper or other small scraps of colorful paper on top to create a beautiful suncatcher. This can be a great way to teach color recognition and matching.
  • Fingerprint Hearts: Use ink pads to make fingerprints on a piece of paper, then use markers to turn the fingerprints into hearts. This is a fun way to teach pattern recognition and fine motor skills.


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  • February 02: Groundhog Day
  • February 14: Valentine's Day
  • February 19: President's Day